Dog Project Meeting

Dog Project is changing! With so many fun disciplines in dog project it is difficult to learn each one and be ready for Fair so this coming year we are going to try something brand new. We will teach each discipline separately (i.e. modules) and have a performance following that module. Our first module will be on Rally Obedience. Here is what Rally Obedience (Rally-O) is in a nutshell.

"Rally Obedience is the mixture of classical obedience training and agility training. When our dog practices Rally-O, he or she learns how to obey to commands (typical of classical obedience training) while having good fun (typical of agility training)."

This 7 week module has ended.  Check back soon for news about the next module or contact Nicki.

If you are signing up for dog, or even thinking of signing up for dog this coming year, contact Nicki Arndt at (406)369-0707

We need parents and youth to volunteer to be on our dog committee to help us plan out the rest of the year.

Required to Participate: Signed contract (see below) and a copy of your dog's vaccination record. NO DOG WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE UNTIL I HAVE THIS ON FILE.

If you are not receiving e-mails from Nicki, contact her to verify your e-mail address.

No Dog will be allowed in class until a copy of their vaccinations is on file.

Dog Equipment List for Class (see below) 

Contact: Nicki Arndt at 406-369-0707


Dog Project Guidelines 2016-2017

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