Families are encouraged to have realistic conversations about the time and other resources that animal projects require. Animal projects will take a minimum of one hour daily to care for the basic needs, such as feeding, watering and vet care of the animal. Market beef projects typically start in November or December and continue through until July or August. Pig, sheep and goat market projects start in April or May and continue through July or August. Training and preparing an animal for show will take several additional hours per day. Breeding projects are a year-round commitment for both the member and family.


Help Books

The Livestock Committee developed "help books" for each of the Livestock Project areas to help members know what to expect throughout the year and at fair. Download your specific project Help Book and the Rules and Regulations for the Fair. These are also available for purchase at the Extension Office.


Quality Assurance 

For any animal project, large or small. Guidelines for a 4-H or FFA member will be required to take QA two times: once for youth 13 and under and once for youth 14 and over.  For Market projects, Quality Assurance must be completed prior to sale.
Lakeland Open House and QA


Weigh In 

In order for you to show your market steer or bred heifer for sale at the Ravalli County Fair, it must be tagged and weighed in at this time.

  • Beef Weigh In January, first Saturday
  • Swine Weigh In May 15
  • Sheep/Goat Weigh In May 30


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