Competition Day

Event Dates - 

Registration deadline: March 26th, Register via zsuites

April 9th Speech and Demo (4 -6 PM), Fashion Revue (6:30-8:00 PM), and Art (drop off between 4 PM and 4:30 PM)

How to register on zsuites

  1. Go to and Login
  2. Select THE PRIMARY account (enter pin)
  3. Go to EVENTS in the left hand navigation pane
  4. Scroll down to the Ravalli County 4-H Competition Day event
  5. Review the rules and information using the link in the description
  7. All active members will be eligible to register. Click REGISTER for the first member in your family wishing to sign up.
  8. Complete all fields on the form
    1. The last step is confirming the media release that was completed during enrollment
  9. Click SAVE.
  10. At this point, you can go back and make any changes to the registration by clicking UPDATE REGISTRATION
  11. If everything looks good, click SUBMIT REGISTRATION
    1. If changes need to be made after submitting, call the extension office and we can make the changes for you
  12. Complete steps 8-11 for all other members wishing to participate

Fashion Revue Competition

Contest Guidelines 

Contest Details: Fashion Revue has several options for sewing and textile projects including garment and non-garment categories for sewing, knitting and crocheted items. Buymanship is new this year and encourages all 4-H'ers to learn to plan their outfits, wardrobe, and to shop smarter.  What a great opportunity to be on center stage and walk down a runway in front of adults and your peers.  The quilt category includes quilts and quilted items and will be structured more similarly to the state competition as a textile project, but will be displayed and hung with the art projects.

Speech & Demonstration Competition

Contest Guidelines

Montana 4-H Clover Communications

Contest Details: Communication contests allow 4-H members to share what they have learned to teach others and to share ideas and concepts. Communication contests has been divided into these categories: Demonstration and Illustrated Talks, Prepared and Impromptu Speeches, Career Communication, Published Videos, and Promotional Presentations and Commercials.communication presentation to judges and audience

Visual Arts Competition

Contest Guidelines 

Questions? Contact Visual Arts 2021 Coordinator: Charise Jackson,, call/text: 406-381-5758
Competition is for any youth 4-H age 5-18. The 4-H Age is youth’s age on October 1, 2020. All entries must be dropped off on the day of the competition from 4-4:30 PM with an Artist Statement accompanying each entry (see Contest Information, #2 below).

Stir-Ups Competition - postponed

Contest Guidelines 

Questions? Contact 2021 Contest Coordinator: Andrea Vai,, or call: 406-961-4603
Purpose: To prepare an appealing, nutritious meal that can be prepared easily by using common ingredients available in many homes. Meal should be prepared using food safe techniques and reflect creative use of ingredients.
Participants: Individuals or teams of two. Teams must be the same age category for competition. Juniors are 4-H Age 8- 13 or Seniors are 4-H Age 14+ and older. 4-H age is age on October 1, 2020.

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