Montana 4-H Shooting Sports Fall 2020 Guidelines

Montana 4-H Shooting Sports activities will follow the COVID-19 Guidelines for MSU Extension In-Person Events and Activities, Dated September 21, 2020 until an updated version is available.

  • If you are not feeling well, please do not attend an event.
  • If your county has less than four cases, facemasks do not need to be worn inside. If there are more than 4 cases, facemasks must be worn. 
  • Ensure that a certified leader appropriate for the discipline is present for the activity. Also ensure that there are two adults present to run the activity.
  • To manage the numbers of shooters present, use sign up times for practice times. This will allow for management of numbers to allow physical distancing.
  • If the event does not allow for physical distancing of six (6) feet, do not do the event if over 50 individuals are present.
  • For the safety of the archer, do not use a face mask. Rearrange relays to maintain social distance of 6 feet.
  • Rearrange firing points to allow for six feet of distance between shooters. For Airgun, smallbore, and, archery, a suggested two firing points between shooters would be sufficient. Shotgun activities such as Trap would satisfy the requirement. The squad of five shooters would need to maintain the 6 feet of distance.
  • As under Standard Best Practices, Eye Protection and appropriate Hearing Protection need to be used.
  • Do not share equipment unless to family members. Assign equipment to each shooter to minimize cross contamination.
  • At the conclusion of the practice session, sanitize all shooting surfaces, tables, etc. Be sure to have shooters wash their hands with soap and water before and after the activity. A bleach solution may be used. Following the guidelines from the CDC; To make a bleach solution, mix: 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per gallon of water OR 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water. Alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol may also be used. For complete CDC Guidelines, please see the following website address;
  • It is recommended to wipe down Firearm, Archery, and Airgun Equipment with appropriate cleaning and lubricating solvents at the end of each session.
  • Contact your County Health Office to see if there are any further guidelines.
  • Have Fun and Be Safe. Good Luck and Shoot Well.


Season: December - March on Monday nights

  • Registration Coming Soon!
  • Times: 4:30-6, 6-7:30, 7:30-9 PM
  • Location:  Cooper Fire Arms Quonset, 3662 Hwy 93 North, 1 mile  south of traffic light at the Stevensville Wye OR 17.6 miles from last traffic light in Hamilton

  • Contact:  Hope Earp, 961-4615

  • Registration is required to participate and members must be a part of a 4-H club.  $45 project fee (includes bow, arrows, and other equipment to participate in the project).  Final day for payments and registration is November 18.

  • Schedule of Archery events and practices


Season: December-March on Thursday nights

  • Registration Closed for the season
  • Weekly project meetings start Thursday, December 12
  • Class time options are 5:30 -6:30 PM or 6:45-7:45 PM
  • Location:  Cooper Fire Arms Quonset, 3662 Hwy 93 North, 1 mile  south of traffic light at the Stevensville Wye OR 17.6 miles from last traffic light in Hamilton

  • Contact:  Ron or Cindy Frost, crfrost4@msncom

  • Registration is required to participate and members must be a part of a 4-H club.  

  • Cost: $45 (2019-20 year)  Includes: Supplies and equipment


Season: March - June

  • Closed for the season
  • Class Time Options:  8 AM or 10 AM or Noon
  • Cost: $80 (2019-2020 year)  
  • Bitterroot Blaster Team Calendar


Season:  June - August

  • Closed for the season
  • Season starts Tuesday, June 9 for Rifle and Thursday, June 11 for Pistol
  • Cost: $100 (2019-2020 year)  Registration dues include equipment, supplies, 4-H manual and record books

Are you interested in: 4-H BB Gun Safety, Muzzleloading and Hunting/Wildlife?

We need adults to become certified at a 4-H Shooting Sports training and become a 4-H Leader to offer these additional opportunities in 4-H. Contact your MSU Extension Office for details!


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A complete schedule of events can be found on the Montana State 4-H website.


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