Each year the Ravalli County 4‐H program recognizes individuals, businesses, or organizations, who have exhibited consistent and strong support of the 4‐H program. “Giving” relates to time, energy, leadership and/or support provided to enhance the educational mission of 4‐H.

The nominees may or may not be 4‐H leaders, teen members or volunteers. Recipients will be awarded during the Livestock Sale at the Ravalli County Fair.

If you have a nomination of someone you think should receive this award, please provide the name of the proposed recipient with explanation of their service to 4‐H accompanied with your name and contact information. The 4‐H Advisory Council will consider all nominations.

Nominations are due to MSU/Ravalli County Extension Office by scheduled July 4‐H Advisory Council Meeting.

4-H Advisory Council Meeting is July 19, 2021

Name __________________________________________________________________________

Service to 4-H:



Nominated By: _________________________________________________________________

Address:  ____________________________________  City: ____________________________

Phone Number:  _______________________________________________________________

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