Bi-Weekly Challenges Archive


Welcome to the Mindfulness Challenge shared by Dr. Michelle Grocke, MSU Extension Health and Wellness Specialist.

To learn more about the mindfulness challenge, watch the video on YouTube here.

  • Try one of these MSU Extension guided mindfulness exercises, found here
  • Explore these additional mindfulness exercises, found here
  • Download one of these FREE mindfulness apps and follow along:

Welcome to the Attitude of Gratitude Challenge, presented by Dr. Alison Brennan, MSU Extension Mental Health Specialist. 

To learn more about the challenge, watch the video

Here are additional resources: 

Welcome to the Acing Your Stress Relief Challenge shared by Katelyn Andersen, Family and Consumer Science Agent in Ravalli County. 

To learn more about the stress relief challenge, please watch the video on YouTube here. 

Welcome to our Your Life, Your Legacy Challenge shared by Marsha Goetting, MSU Extension Family Economics Specialist at Montana State University. 

To learn more about Your Life, Your Legacy Challenge, please watch the video on  youtube here:

Welcome to the Diet-Trying Challenge shared by Dr. Brianna Routh, RDN, MSU Extension Food and Family Specialist. 

To learn more about the Diet-Trying Challenge, watch this 5 minute video 

Talk to your medical professionals before making any dietary changes to make sure you are meeting your own body's needs! 

Welcome to the Giving Financial Stress the Boot! Challenge shared by Joel Schumacher, MSU Extension Economics Associate Specialist at Montana State University. 

To learn more about Giving Financial Stress the Boot!, please watch the video on YouTube here:

Learn something new by:

  • Watch a Solid Finances Webinar on a financial topic that causes you stress: 

If you need accommodations to participate or have questions, please contact Katelyn Andersen, MSU Extension Agent, MSU Ravalli County Extension Office at 375-6611 or