Mindfulness for All Challenge

November 23-December 6

Welcome to the Mindfulness Challenge shared by Dr. Michelle Grocke, MSU Extension Health and Wellness Specialist.

To learn more about the mindfulness challenge, watch the video on YouTube here.

  • Try one of these MSU Extension guided mindfulness exercises, found here
  • Explore these additional mindfulness exercises, found here
  • Download one of these FREE mindfulness apps and follow along:

Remember to complete Challenge Completion Form by midnight on December 6 to be included in the prize drawing, which will be announced on December 7. Participants must be an adults (18+) and a resident of Montana to win a prize.

The next wellness challenge, Attitude of Gratitude, will be released on December 7 on Facebook, email and through e-newsletters.

If you need accommodations to participate or have questions, please contact Katelyn Andersen, MSU Extension Agent, MSU Ravalli County Extension Office at 375-6611 or katelyna@montana.edu.

Challenge Log HereHere are the details:


  • Challenges will be released every other week on Monday at 10 AM, November 23-February 28 here on this website. 
  • Participants watch a brief, ~5 minute video on the featured health topic and learn about its role in well-bring
  • Review supplemental resources to learn more about each topic
  • Consider ideas for incorporating the challenge into their lives
  • After you complete the challenge, enter your information into a drawing for prizes, if desired.


  • This incentive program is open to all adults, however, raffle prizes are available to Montanans. 
  • Local counties Extension offices or your place of business may have additional prizes. 
  • Ravalli County residents are eligible for Ravalli County prizes.

If you are a Ravalli County resident, remember to check out the WINter Wellness physical activity challenge! This challenge runs November 16-February 28, 2021. Ravalli County participants can win prizes in both the Weekly Wellness Challenge and WINter Wellness health incentive program.

Save the date!

Keep focused on your well-being this winter with WINter Wellness Bi-weekly Challenges:

  • Mindfulness for All (Nov 23 - Dec 6)
  • Attitude of Gratitude (Dec 7 - 20)
  • Ace Your Stress Relief (Dec 21 - Jan 3)
  • Your Life, Your Legacy (Jan 4-17)
  • Diet-trying (Jan 18-31)
  • Give Financial Stress the Boot (Feb 1 - 14)
  • Restful Sleep (Feb 15 - 28)

MSU Extension is challenging you to focus on your well-being this winter with WINter Wellness Bi-weekly Challenges!