Restful Sleep Challenge

Febuary 15-28

Welcome to the Restful Sleep Challenge shared by Michelle Grocke, PhD, MSU Extension Health and Wellness Specialist at Montana State University.  

To learn more about Restful Sleep, please watch this video:

Additional resources:

1) If you are still experiencing trouble sleeping after adjusting your daily routine per the sleep hygiene strategies, you may want to visit your doctor. If you’re planning your doctor’s visit, it's helpful to keep a diary of your sleep habits to bring with you. Keeping a sleep diary may help you and your doctor learn how to further change your sleep habits to improve your sleep quality. Click here for a sleep diary template:

2) Click here to learn more about the different stages of sleep:

Please complete Challenge Completion Form {} by midnight on February 28 to be included in the prize drawing, which will be announced on March 1. Participants must be an adults (18+) and a resident of Montana to win a prize.

This is the final Wellness Challenge for the 2020/2021 WINter Wellness with MSU Extension.  If you need accommodations to participate or have questions, please contact Katelyn Andersen, MSU Extension Agent, MSU Ravalli County Extension Office at 375-6611 or

Challenge Log Here

Here are the details:


  • Challenges will be released every other week on Monday at 10 AM, November 23-February 28 here on this website. 
  • Participants watch a brief, ~5 minute video on the featured health topic and learn about its role in well-bring
  • Review supplemental resources to learn more about each topic
  • Consider ideas for incorporating the challenge into their lives
  • After you complete the challenge, enter your information into a drawing for prizes, if desired.


  • This incentive program is open to all adults, however, raffle prizes are available to Montanans. 
  • Local counties Extension offices or your place of business may have additional prizes. 
  • Ravalli County residents are eligible for Ravalli County prizes.

If you are a Ravalli County resident, remember to check out the WINter Wellness physical activity challenge! This challenge runs November 16-February 28, 2021. Ravalli County participants can win prizes in both the Weekly Wellness Challenge and WINter Wellness health incentive program.

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